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Meet Ken, a new addition to the Toy (Story) box! Updated with a closer look at the world's most famous eunuch!

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here. As I finally traveled back home after 18 continuous days of travel I was asked by the good folks at Disney if we would be interested in posting up the below image. I think they're doing a big countdown to the new Toy Story 3 trailer that appears tomorrow and are giving a bunch of different sites the chance to premiere of a different "new" character. We get Ken, Barbie's beau, dontchaknow. No big surprise at his looks... I mean, it is a Ken Doll. In the flick he's voiced by Batman/Beetlejuice/Mr. Mom himself, Mr. Michael Keaton... and now you get the below pic of Ken hanging with Woody & Buzz! You should probably click the below so you can embiggen and actually see Ken in all his short shorts glory. UPDATED! See even more Ken, not just the group shot! Yes, look! It's there! Enjoy!

If I'm not mistaken ComingSoon.Net will have one of the other images up this AM. There's your Pixar fix for the morning.
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