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The Newly Restored Version Of Fritz Lang's METROPOLIS Streams Friday!? Can You Help With Details??

Merrick here...
A few years ago we learned that a significant portion of long missing footage belonging to Fritz Lang's METROPOLIS had been located & that efforts to reassemble the film were underway (details HERE and HERE). Seems the restored METROPOLIS is now ready to debut. Roger Ebert's awesome Twitter feed (HERE) indicates that said premiere will stream Friday at THIS URL. I can't speak German, so I put the link Roger supplied through Google translator - and found little reference to a streaming event. Although, the there are one or two mentions of...something...happening:
"PUBLIC VIEWING: The world premiere of the reconstructed "Metropolis" version in Friedrichstadtpalast and publicly broadcast will be live at the Brandenburg Gate. On 12 February from 20:15"
You can read the entire Google translation HERE. If anyone out there can offer more exacting details of the "broadcast"/streaming event, PLEASE DROP ME AN E-MAIL as I'd love to update this article with more pointed information. Also, if any AICN readers will be attending this premiere, we'd love for you to share your in-depth perspectives of what you saw and how you feel. Be sure to drop us a line? Tremendously excited to look upon a restored version of this film. METROPOLIS inspired me, and influenced me, in more ways than I can convey. This will be like seeing it new for the first time...and I'm stoked as hell. More details a more come in...
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