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Glory be to Fin Fang Foom! RED SKULL to be villain in Johnston's FIRST AVENGER: CAPTAIN AMERICA movie!

Hey folks, Harry here with news... well, it simply fucking makes my heart sing a thousand choruses of the MERRY MARVEL MARCHING SOCIETY SONG!!! We had a dear reader named Greg Mandile drop me a quick note:
Just heard on Geek Time on Sirius Howard 101 that RED SKULL is confirmed to be the villain in the Captain America Movie.
That came out of today's WOLFMAN junket that is a going on in Los Angeles right now - and I have to say... that's a dream come true. I never really hoped that I'd get to see a big budget World War 2 set CAPTAIN AMERICA movie. I remember trying to convince Avi Arad about the necessity of a WWII set CAPTAIN AMERICA movie back ages ago - but the thought at that time was to modernize every character. Have Cap be a soldier experimented on for CURRENT military endeavors and NO. That is not how to go. Thankfully, cooler minds have been driving MARVEL's film slate and with Swinging Joe Johnston getting set to unleash Simon & Kirby's greatest creation upon the silver screen... well - I can not wait! This is fantastically cool news! I just hope Baron Zemo is involved for the final act. AND - is BUCKY in the movie?

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