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Harry loves his FROZEN cinematic treat!!!

I like Adam Green - he's a young filmmaker that in his first 3 films he's shown me three very different looks. For HATCHET, he created a batnuts gore extreme 80's Slasher killer ghost story, that is what I call a rollicking good time. For SPIRAL, he created a very introspective horror that rivaled some of what Lucky McKee has done best. But with FROZEN, he's created something that I refer to as Hitchcock With Teeth. The premise can be sold with a single image of three not entirely bright friends on a Ski Lift at night with the lights out during a winter storm. How did they get stuck on the Ski Lift? Well, it is through no fault of their own. This just happens to be that unbelievable nightmare that you hope and pray never ever happens to you. Suffice to say, once you see this film, begging the Ski Lift operator to let you have one last run before closing.. well, you may never ever do that. At the very least, I would say it is highly unadvisable. This is one of those suspense, survival films where whether you loved the film or not, you and whoever you took to see the film with, will spend an inordinate amount of time talking about what YOU would have done, what YOU would not have done and generally how horrible it would be to be stuck in the situation provided by the film. There's a part of me that would love to see this get turned into a Stage Play, because it is kinda perfect for it. 3 characters, 1 location and a lot of characters beating themselves up over every little decision that led to this situation. Who is in the film? Well, the most recognizable actor is Shawn Ashmore (ICEMAN from X-MEN flicks), he's pretty damn good here. You'll also see Kane Hodder in a very brief and kinda horrific cameo. At least, to me, it is horrific. You'll see. All that said, the reason to see this movie at theaters this weekend is very simple... it is a fucking amazing audience film. The first time I saw it was off a DVD screener I got sent for consideration for BUTT-NUMB-A-THON 1138. I watched it on my Movie night with my movie night friend Diana - and about half way through, it felt cold and scary in the house - and we wound up gripping each other, screaming and making crazy "EEEK" style noises as the film continued. I was sold - and instantly made the calls to secure the film for BNAT. The film played at around 3 or 4 in the morning. Once the "shituation" is in full nightmare mode, the audience was squealing, squirming, shivering and screaming in reaction to the film. My wife was looking through fingers at the screen. The freshly de-pregnified Annette Kellerman next to her had her jaw open in that silly THIS IS SO AWESOMELY HORRIBLE grin she gets. Now after the film - you'll find people that talk about how they couldn't get into the film because the characters were so stupid. Honestly, these are not the brightest kids. But ya know what. There's alot of dumb fucks in this world that might do some of the ungodly dumbshit these dumb fucks do... That said - I found the film entirely realistic. The girl is one of those excruciatingly helpless damsels, but she kind of relishes that. And we all know girls that are like this girl. That if they were in the situation, they would be a fountain of stupidity from which the boys would drink and then do INSANELY STUPID SHIT all in the name of being a MAN, a HERO. The movie is a vicious, scary and horrifying experience that was so much fun to see with people that squeal at every frostbite gag, _____________, and then there's the ________s. And the ______s are so fucking evil. I love em. It really is a howling good time!

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