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SUICIDE GIRLS MUST DIE! Poster hits!!! Oh no, not my precious Suicide Girls!

Hey folks, Harry here - Got sent this poster today, it is for SUICIDE GIRLS MUST DIE! And all I know is upon this poster. Well, that's not exactly true, as I know it is being released on March 12th... and the plan is for it to destroy AVATAR's box office records. Click on the poster to see it embiggened... and you'll find that some of our fave Suicide Girls are featured. This actually kinda reminds me of what PLAYBOY used to do in the sixties, which was to find hot babes that were willing to strip down - and then these gals would be put in all manners of schlocky T&A joy! So, here's a film you can most likely fetishistically enjoy on multiple fronts, while complaining about the lack of 3D and Blue Monkeys.

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