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ONG BAK 3 trailer hits!

Hey folks, Harry here with the latest look at Muay Thai badassness by way of Tony Jaa. As an experiment last night I watched ONG BAK 2 dubbed... just to see how it contrasted to watching it in its native Thai. Wow. ONG BAK 2 completely falls apart in dubbed form, so... when the BLU RAY hits via Magnolia - whatever you do, switch to Thai with English Subtitles - the experiences are NIGHT & DAY. With ONG BAK 2, we were introduced to what could very well be our first KARMIC TRILOGY. I didn't really grok that with the first film, but with the second - you can tell that this is a story that spans time, but has souls trapped in eternal conflict and struggle between good and evil. And Good will not always win - and I have to say - the mere notion of a Karmic hero that has to struggle against a similar enemy in life time after life time... well, it is kinda like MARIO & LUIGI, but instead of Princess saving plumbers - it's Muay Thai Elephant loving badassery. And now we have a look at Part 3: Click Here For ONG BAK 3

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