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Rumor of the Day: Patrick Stewart aboard FURY ROAD?

Hey folks, Harry here... Got this report from a fan that encountered Patrick Stewart in Sydney, Australia. He doesn't actually say he's a part of FURY ROAD, just that he's not doing HAPPY FEET 2. Thus... this is the rumor of the day... discuss... We'll work on the confirmations...

Hey Harry! We met the one AND ONLY Patrick Stewart in Sydney today I'm still giddy... sa what u will about Chris Pine, but in my book, the sexiest captain title still belongs 2 Jean-Luc Picard! (And considering Stewart is 70... thats something!) Anyway, he was so kind and so giving, and he made a point to say hello to most people in and out of the rooms... he signed my XMen DVD and I got to ask him whether he'd like to make a movie in Australia and he said he may be back here soon to film a movie with George Miller. I - embarrassingly - blurted "Happy Feet 2! great!" and he said "No, another one". Only other one I can see that Miller is doing is the new Mad Max movie. Patrick is sexy, but surely he's not playing mad max! hee hee - - assume he's playing another role in it. keep up the good work, 'TrekGirl'
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