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The Sam Worthington Project Du Jour Is...DRACULA??

Merrick here...
A trusted source for Latino Review says that today's a big day over at Universal - seems the studio's gonna make decisions re: the product we'll see in 2011, specifically Summer. We know Vin Diesel has RIDDICK and FAST AND THE FURIOUS projects (plural for both?) waiting for a green light from Uni - is it possible we'll soon hear whether any of those are underway? But one large-scale project is apparently being mulled that we haven't talked too much about: DRACULA: YEAR ZERO. LR has more details in THIS ARTICLE, but it goes something like this:
But the craziest one is called DRACULA: YEAR ZERO. Yes I know, un titulo de mierda. This is a period retelling of Dracula. Like back in Transylvania and sh*t. Vampires and Vlad the impaler. You know, Van Helsing without that dial a hack Sommers. Because Dracula worked out so well in Blade: Trinity. And I think there was a Dracula 2000... but I don't know who saw it. Check it though, you know who is supposed to play Dracula? Sam Worthington! That's right, the newly minted "movie star" who everybody paid to see in Avatar. Except they didn't pay to see him now did they?
We've previously alluded to DRACULA YEAR ZERO HERE and HERE, but haven't heard much beyond Alex Proyas may be the director & the the concept turns Dracula into more of a "vengeful hero" (Quint's words). Summit and Brad Pitt are also looking to do a "Dracula" story called VLAD (details HERE). Wondering if mutual presence will push one or both of these films forward...
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