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Here Come More GREMLINS!?

Merrick here...
The usually accurate folks over at MarektSaw say that a new GREMLINS movie is in the word. Unsurprisingly, it's being positioned as a 3-D film.
I have very good information from a top source that tells me another GREMLINS movie is coming to the silver screens and it will be in stereoscopic 3D! It is in the early stages with still lots of hurdles to pass, but it is being developed. This is not a 3D conversion of the original to be clear.
...says Jim from MarketSaw HERE. It's unclear if Joe Dante (who brought us two GREMLINS films - in 1984 and 1990) would be involved with this project in any way. As far as I know, the last time we saw the Gremlins onscreen was in this BT commercial from overseas...
...which nabbed quite a bit of attention when it debuted. Wonder if the commercial's success had anything to do with launching a new film project?
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