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The Guy That Smells like my wife's best friend's candle is playing CONAN?!?!?

Hey folks, Harry here... So I read at Deadline via Mike Fleming that Jason Momoa was hired for the new CONAN THE BARBARIAN movie... and just when the real CONAN could use a job. First NBC was pricks to Conan, now Millennium Films. So sad. Anyway, I exclaimed... "Who is Jason Momoa?" out loud at the house, when suddenly my adorable wife, curled up on the couch playing some damnable FACEBOOK farming game squeals, "He's from BAYWATCH HAWAII!" What... the... fuck.... I look at her like an alien creature that is no longer capable of human speech, as she attempts to explain that the hunky dude from BAYWATCH HAWAII - which she's never seen - was a figure of legend. You see... when Yoko was even more childlike than she is, she'd go to her best friend's house - where her best friend's sister and BFF would snort the scent of a candle and coo, "It smells just like Jason Momoa!" and so... that's how she knew. I'm still gonna look at my wife like she's an alien creature for namechecking BAYWATCH HAWAII - but apparently he's also from those STARGATE ATLANTIS stuff too. Well, now he's gonna be CONAN for Marcus Nispel. Other than Momoa's alleged candle fragrance, I have no input into how this will play. But I hear he smells awesome!

Over at Latino Review - they're reporting that an offer is on the table to Mickey Rourke to play Conan's dad. In the original, biker god William Smith had that honor - Mickey would probably be great in the role, but my exploitation loving ass will always hold William Smith as Conan's dad. He taught me about Crom when I was but a child!

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