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Check Out This Exclusive-To-AICN Image From Spike Jonze's Brand New Short Film "I'm Here"!

Beaks here...

Aside from the images that have been turning up over at Slashfilm over the last week, I don't know much about Spike Jonze's new thirty-minute short film "I'm Here". Evidently, it's a "robot love story" - a subgenre that brought us such delights as WALL-E, ANDROID, HEARTBEEPS, and GALAXINA. So many possibilities. It's rare anymore that a work from a major director is allowed to emerge completely unspoiled (and, gee, we're probably to blame for that), so I'm going to savor the unknown and (hopefully) check out the short soon after it Sundance Film Festival debut tomorrow (Thursday, Janurary 12th) at the Egyptian. Here's what Spike has to say about the short (which stars Andrew Garfield): "The cast came together basically from actors I'd met or wanted to work with. It was very spontaneous. The shoot itself was a way of returning to a way of working that I prefer." Pretty cool. Now here's that image (click to make it get really big):

The film was shot over seven days during the fall of 2009. I'll let you know if there's any news of an online or Sundance Channel airing.

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