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MAD MAX: FURY ROAD Casting Continues??

Merrick here...
Jay Baruchel, who'll soon appear in the forthcoming Bruckheimer/Turteltaub fantasy THE SORCERER'S APPRENTICE with Nic Cage, may've spilled some beans regarding one of his co-stars in that film. Namely Teresa Palmer. Jay Baruchel told reporters interviewing him for the new Dreamworks film How To Train Your Dragon that Palmer, who splits her time between Australia and Hollywood, was preparing for a grueling shoot on the new Mad Max episode. "She gets to work with him, and she's (going to be) doing Mad Max 4 with Miller," Baruchel said. [EDIT] "She's the main chick in Fury Road," he said.
...said the Herald Sun HERE. The Sun says it isn't clear whether Palmer has been cast instead of Charlize Theron (who we recently learned was being sought for a part in the film) - or if the two will appear together in the project, which Herald Sun says is scheduled for a protracted shoot (roughly 7 1/2 months). It's important to note that this casting has not been confirmed by by anyone associated with either Palmer of the production - nor has the news been refuted. So, treat it as more-than-rumor but not-entirely-official until a formal announcement has been made. Timing of this is fun 'cause I've been watching the MAD MAX films in response to seeing BOOK OF ELI this weekend. Liked ELI film, but not without reservations. Found DBOX (this is the first feature film I experienced in the format) more distracting than affecting, although I suspect it would work great for something like PIRANHA 3-D.
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