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Take A Look At The RED RIDING Trailer(s)!!

Merrick here...
Late last week, Apple posted a trailer for the RED RIDING trilogy. If you haven't heard about the project, this is a series of three films...each made by a different director...all dealing with the same subject matter: a protracted search for a serial killer called The Yorkshire Ripper. The movies are based on a series of books by by David Peace - NINETEEN SEVENTY FOUR, NINETEEN SEVENTY SEVEN, NINETEEN EIGHTY, and NINETEEN EIGHTY THREE (HERE). The 1974 installment was directed by Julian Jarrold (BRIDESHEAD REVISITED), 1980 is brought to us by James Marsh (MAN ON WIRE), and Anand Tucker (SHOPGIRL) took on 1983. The trailer looks pretty cool...


Extended trailers for each film can be found over at IFC's site (HERE). While the movies won't show up in Stateside theaters until February, it's already coming out on DVD overseas (HERE - but note that there may be regional compatibility issues). 'Tis a cool idea to structure a project in this way - eager to see how these shake out. UK readers: let us know your thoughts about these - I might wanna pick up those DVDS (I have a region-free).
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