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Pierre Morel Talks DUNE!!

Merrick here...
TAKEN director Pierre Morel spoke to MTV about his forthcoming adaptation of DUNE. In the interview, Morel reveals that he likes David Lynch's 1984 adaptation as a Lynch film (but not as a DUNE interpretation) and also discusses his own relationship to the property. Turns out, he's read Herbert's original book (HERE) a number of times and intends to stay quite faithful to it.
“I’ve been reading it over and over again – well, I’m 45 now, so for 30 years. The fun story, actually, is that there were six books in that first series that Frank Herbert wrote. Every time I was going to buy a new one – because I couldn’t buy all six at one time – I was reading the previous ones so I would not forget anything. So, by the time I bought the sixth book I had already read the first one six times! So, I’m a hardcore fan.” [EDIT] “[My movie] is all about the first book. I’m trying to be very respectful to the original novel,”
...says Pierre HERE. As we mentioned yesterday, looks like Vin Diesel is ramping up one or more RIDDICK movies - the most recent of which certainly had DUNE flavoring. At the rate things are going, Vin's project and DUNE could hit screens at roughly the same time. Should the next RIDDICK perpetuate the mythology advanced by CHRONICLES OF RIDDICK, it'll be interesting to see how it'll play in close proximity to Herbert's time-tested material.
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