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Boone Carlyle will appear in “Lost’s” Feb. 2 sixth-season premiere and likely other episodes spread throughout the series’ final season, Ian Somerhalder told a Saturday roundtable of reporters covering The CW’s “The Vampire Diaries.” Somerhalder shot his part in the season premiere back in September. "I'm going back to do other episodes, I think, spread out throughout the season," Somerhalter said. "The season opener for that show, I was so blown away and so impressed and so thankful that I was even a part of that, because it's big. The script weighed about four pounds. You sit there and you go, 'Wow, this is an episode of television.'" Showrunner Carlton Cuse tweeted Dec. 9 (roughly one month ago) that he and partner Damon Lindelof were “now” co-writing episode 6.11. By my rough calculations, this means the series now has fewer than a half-dozen episodes left to shoot. Somerhalder’s character, Boone, was killed by a fall near the end of “Lost’s” first season. It’s understood that many characters killed during “Lost’s” first five seasons will have substantial roles to play in the series’ final 18 hours. “Heroes” star Greg Grunberg, who played the doomed pilot of Oceanic flight 815, said recently that he’ll be back for season six. Find SciFi Wire’s report on the session here. The photo above comes from “FiveManJob,” who wrote AICN on Jan. 7:
my wife and I just returned from Hawaii and, while hiking in the Manoa rainforest we ate at the restaurant (the scene with Miles and the body in the kitchen last season was his kitchen as well as parts of the Orchid Station set) where some of the LOST sets are constructed - the owner was an awesome guy and when we noticed the polar bear cages outside he said they had been put back up 2 weeks ago and the cast was coming back to shoot this Thursday Apparently Sawyer returns to the other island to visit the bear cages at some point coming up Hope that helps!

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