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Lionsgate Rolls Out Their Best KICK-ASS Trailer Yet!

Beaks here...

I didn't think it was possible, but someone has managed to cut an effective all-audiences trailer for KICK-ASS. This is perfect, really. It gets across the lunatic tone of Matthew Vaughn's superhero riff without giving away too much - which is to say it doesn't go overboard on Hit Girl action. Check out the below embed or, better yet, head over the Yahoo! Movies for the HD version.
My only complaint: they left out Clark Duke's response to Evan Peters's profession of love for Hit Girl. Plays kind of icky without it. We learned this week that KICK-ASS will be the opening night selection at this year's SXSW Film Festival. That's a month before the movie's April 16th theatrical release, which means Lionsgate is very confident that they've got a word-of-mouth hit on their hands. Their confidence is well-placed: KICK-ASS is honestly one of the most deliriously entertaining action films I've ever seen. (Which reminds me that I need to finish my review of the work print that blew everyone away at BNAT...) If you want to see this trailer the big screen this weekend, it's attached to DAYBREAKERS.

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