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AVATWO? Cameron says a sequel is coming!

Hey folks, Harry here - It'll be interesting to see where Cameron takes the AVATAR series, how the Na'vi story develops, what the human response is going to be... you know... that sort of thing. That said, last night, Cameron definitively stated that there will be another. So, YES!!!!!!

Hi Harry! Don't know if this is newsworthy, but I just saw a Variety Screening Series showing of Avatar at the Arclight theater in Hollywood tonight, followed with a Q&A with James Cameron and two of his visual effects artists. One of the artists mentioned that they'll never again do this for the first time, meaning that everything they did in the making of Avatar was just a lot of instinctive grasping in the dark. Cameron agreed with him. He also told him to expect the studio to want another one, as they'd passed the billion $ mark. A second film will be easier, as the technology now exists, thanks to the movie. The moderator asked if there *would* be an Avatar sequel. To which Cameron answered that the plan had always been to make a trilogy of films. Finally, Cameron actually said it: "Yes, there'll be another." As I said, I'm not sure how newsworthy this is, but thought I'd pass it on. If you use this, please call me Marcel The Negro Projectionist
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