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Merrick here...
Yeah, yeah, many folks crap all over Sommer's G.I. JOE movie - but I thought it was a ton of goofy, unapologetically stupid-as-hell fun (my review is HERE) and I kinda/sorta wanna see more. Which looks like it's now a good possibility...
But thanks to some very reliable sources, I can report a screenwriter has been hired for G.I. Joe 2 (or whatever it’s going to be called) and Paramount is definitely moving forward with the project. While I tried my best to find out who landed the writing gig, my sources wouldn’t budge.
...says THIS article over at Collider. If memory serves, Sommers & cohorts had already developed ideas for a second film before the first one even hit theaters, so it'll be interesting to see how the new movie dovetails with what we've seen. And, to pre-emptively address the inevitable cries of "Why?" and "nobody cares!", keep in mind that JOE pulled down north of $300 million globally. Which doesn't necessarily mean people are crying for more, but it's a pretty good justification for giving it to 'em...
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