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James Cameron + Atomic Bombs = ???

Merrick here...
Smith called our attention to THIS New York Times article about the passing of Tsutomu Yamaguchi. If you've never heard of Mr. Yamaguchi, he's the only "official" person on Earth to survive two Atomic blasts. He was in Hiroshima when Little Boy detonated, then returned home to Nagasaki shortly before it was hit by Fat Man. What makes Mr. Yamaguchi's passing "Cool News" worthy - if any "cool news" can be dervied from such tragedy - is alluded to in the article's closing paragraphs:
...he had recently been visited by the American film director James Cameron to discuss a film project on atomic bombs.
According to A POST at MonstersAndCritics, Cameron was accompanied on his visit by Charles Pellegrino - who authored the book THE LAST TRAIN FROM HIROSHIMA: THE SURVIVORS LOOK BACK (available HERE). Is Cameron's project a documentary built around Pellegrino's book, or are the two pulling together data for an altogether different approach to the events of 1945? More details as more come in...
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