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Luke Will Play Luke In The DEATH RACE Prequel!!

Merrick here...
Clint over at MovieHole as the inside track on who'll head-up the cast in the next DEATH RACE movie. Luke Goss will take the lead in DEATH RACE: FRANKENSTEIN LIVES, the Roel Reiné directed, Paul W.S. Anderson produced prequel to Anderson's 2008 DEATH RACE redux. MovieHole also says the title will be straight-to-DVD, a fact which wasn't entirely clear for a while. Luke...
...plays Luke, the young man that donned the 'Frankenstein' mask prior to Jensen Ames (Jason Statham's character in Paul W.S Anderson's "Death Race").
...says MovieHole HERE. A few months ago we gleaned some details regarding the project's plot & characters. You can find that report HERE. Look for the film to hit in 2011, if memory serves.
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