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Sam Worthington tells me there's no truth to the FLASH GORDON rumors

Hey folks, Harry here... Back last year, when Merrick ran that rumor story about Sam Worthington being in a runoff with Ryan Reynolds for the part of FLASH GORDON. Well, I don't have Ryan's email, but I do chat back and forth via email with Sam a bit, so I asked him if there was any truth to a possible FLASH aaaah aaaaaaaaaahhhhh, in his future. Technically I didn't put it that way. But you get the gist. Here's what Sam wrote me back today:
happy new year mate there is no validity to the rumours sometimes, as you know, studios tend to just scat ideas and they leak out - but its the first i have heard about it mate. sam
SO - if there is a runoff for the part of FLASH GORDON, Sam isn't aware of it. Well, I guess we brought it to his attention now. But he was not going out for the part or involved in capturing the role. But as he puts it, this could be a thing where those involved are fishing for reactions. With Sam playing a cyborg, an Avatar and Perseus back to back to back... Him playing FLASH GORDON would seem a bit much in terms of playing iconic character SciFi and Fantasy Characters - And I have to admit, I really would love to see him in a L.A. CONFIDENTIAL type of movie... and actually - he might be a great candidate for CAPTAIN AMERICA and frankly... FLASH GORDON would be an interesting part, so long as tonally he plays it very different from these other characters. What do you folks think? You have seen his rather wonderful work in his Aussie flicks right?

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