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ACK!!! 2010 Brings An Unexpected Gift... My Jaw Dropped, bounced off my belly and made a clapping sound! Bless You Japan!

Hey folks, Harry here recovering from a New Year's Bash I threw, where the last guest left at 5:53am. So I peel myself out of bed, walk the dog, brush the teeth, stretch to get the aches out - and then... the computer. Ordinarily, I get thousands of emails a day. But, for some awesome reason, New Years gets here... and I start to get human amounts of email. And in those few emails was one stating "At Long Last... A STARBLAZERS MOVIE!!!!" I clicked so fast.... then when I saw that TheDew had a YouTube link to:

I literally screamed like a little girl when I saw Captain Avatar sitting there - and then Derek Wildstar, then the Yamato blasting shit in space and HOLY FUCK! WANT TO SEE THIS MOVIE SO FUCKING BAD! BATTLESHIP YAMATO was why I ran home from Elementary School for Grades 3-6, that and Gatchaman - and 2010 will bring both to our screens hopefully!

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