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Want a cool flick about WWII Monsters? NIGHT AND FOG is in the pipeline...

Hey folks, Harry here with a trade story from the monitor of Tatiana Siegel at Variety - and if you click that link, it'll take you to her story about how producers Gil Adler and Shane McCarthy have optioned STUDIO 407's horror comic, NIGHT AND FOG about Stephen King's MIST being released on a military base during WWII which transforms normalcy into supernatural fucked situations that none of us would want to be in, I'm betting. And killing them just makes them more fucked up. Saying this project is in the "pipeline" isn't actually so. They don't seem to have a screenwriter attached yet, nor a director, actors or any financing. So this is one of those projects that we'll watch and see if it comes to fruition. Personally, I love period alternate history horror & sci-fi. Right?

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