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TheWrap has a quick piece about Hollywood's new love affair with 3-D. The article reveals that Ridley Scott is looking to convert his new ROBIN HOOD into 3-D.
Director Ridley Scott is breathing down the neck of executives at Universal to get them to approve making a 3D version of his new $200 million epic, “Robin Hood,” according to one person close to the project.
...says TheWrap HERE. Michael Bay was recently asked about whether any of his films would be presented in 3-D - a singularly unnerving prospect for moviegoers. His response (via Cinematical)?
"I prefer the flat screen. I'm not jumping to do 3-D at all-it's a pain in the neck to shoot it and I actually like the flat image. I've heard that some people can't even see 3-D and, moreover, that a major side effect of watching it is feeling exhausted. Can you imagine how you'd feel watching one of my movies in 3-D?"
During Fantastic Fest, producer Jon Landau said that James Cameron is planning on re-issuing TITANIC in 3-D & may be looking to convert TERMINATOR 2 as well. A few weeks ago we learned that Louis Leterrie's forthcoming CLASH OF THE TITANS would be 3-Dimensionalized, and before that we heard that the ZOMBIELAND sequel would utilize the process as well. Like it or not, looks like this trend won't pass anytime soon...if ever. Can IRON MAN or TREK be far behind? There have been murmurs. Stay tuned...
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