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Check Out This Raw Footage From THE EXPENDABLES!!

Merrick here...
ABking pointed us towards the following YouTube: it's raw footage from THE EXPENDABLES. It's super-mega-critially important to note that this is completely unrefined material (not color corrected, no proper sound mix, the stuff here isn't even edited (in the crane-down towards Sly and the girl - notice how you can't see either actors' face for long periods of time). In fact, this is so raw I hesitated to even post it at all. But, in the end, it's an interesting enough ...albeit quick...sense of what we'll get when the final product hits theaters in 2010, and a cool look at how EXPENDABLES footage comes across before Sly, editors Ken Blackwell and Paul Harb, and cinematographer Jeffrey L. Kimball (TOP GUN, MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE II) finish working their post-production magic.

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