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FROZEN trailer hints to too much - watch at your own risk!

Hey folks, Harry here - I had my own rather horrifying experience today. It wasn't being stuck on a chairlift to be froze solid. No, it was to have a wisdom tooth extracted. One that had exploded. This resulted in a massive amount of grinding into my jaw bone. The entire left side of my face is frozen & numb. So I have a bit of a FROZEN thing going on at the moment... But seriously, regarding this trailer... it hints at too much to me. You should see FROZEN at all costs. Your next chance will be at SUNDANCE, which will be an amazing screening. Seriously, I can not imagine a better midnight horror film to watch at Sundance other than FROZEN. This film will fuck with your head in the best of ways! Then the rest of us can see the film when it gets released wide on February 5th. At BUTT-NUMB-A-THON 11, the film caused one patron, a lovely femme, to literally faint. She was carried out into the lobby, where she was brought back to consciousness, and completed the film. SO - Can you handle FROZEN? Well, that's what Brianne thought, next thing she knew... she was no longer in a theater. What will happen to you? Do you dare see FROZEN? That's what I figured, pussy! Well, when you grow a pair, let me know. Here's the trailer: Hey, You're not FROZEN, Click... it is easy, Click!

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