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Ack!! Here's A Semi-Substantiated Casting Rumor For Bilbo In THE HOBBIT!!

Merrick here...
The Latino Review folks have word on someone who is at least in discussion to play Bilbo in Guillermo's HOBBIT movies. It's Tobey Maguire!?!?!?!?!?
I checked with agency sources and yep, it’s true! Apparently, we’re in the early stages of talks between CAA and the producers of the Hobbit film for Tobey to topline the film as Bilbo Baggins! Again, right now it’s that – just dialogue taking place between the respective parties. Tobey hasn’t been cast and an offer hasn’t been made. It’s just talks.
...says LR's El Mayimbe HERE. I sure hope this doesn't pan out. Topher Grace wiped the floor with Tobey in SPIDER-MAN 3 and clearly, painfully proved that Maguire is becoming too damn sleepy to anchor big pieces of this nature. Sure would hate to see his blandeness spread across so many hours of THE HOBBIT.

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