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See Nicolas Cage In Costume As 'Big Daddy' In KICK ASS!! There's Awesome Video Here, Too!!

Merrick here...
UGO has our first look at Nicolas Cage as Damon Macready - aka "Big Daddy" - in Matthew Vaughn's forthcoming and roundly magnificent KICK ASS. Cage never got a chance to play Superman back in the day, but he avails himself as a "superhero" quite nicely here. Click Nic to see a bigger version!
UGO also has video of a tender father/daughter moment between Cage's Macready (in civilian attire) and daughter Mindy (Chloe Moretz), who we later come to know as "Hit Girl" - an unstoppable cyclone of destruction and carnage who wears a cute little skirt and shoes.
I believe a variant of this footage may've hit The Net 'round Comic-Con earlier this year (may be wrong about this though); UGO's version is the first officially sanctioned release of the sequence. I've been wanting to see this movie again all day long - which doesn't happen too much for bitchy and picky lil' ol' me. By the way: the trailer for this film is fucked up and does little to give you a true sense of what this movie really feels like, how it works, etc. This was the consensus of everyone around me at yesterday's BNAT screening. So, don't base your perception of this film on its initial trailers - hopefully Lionsgate will go back to the drawing board and market this right.
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