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The short version of BNAT1138 by Harry

Hey folks, Harry here... been up for 33 hours thus far, but before napping, I should fill y'all in - at least in brief. 1. F.W. Murnau's FAUST accompanied Graham Reynolds, from his original score! Introduced themes of child death, obsession over a woman and the every present LOCKET! 2. Peter Jackson's LOVELY BONES - caused a run on napkins for drying tears and blowing noses. Continued child death and Locket themes. Very strongly received. 3. The Pep master, Mickey Rooney in GIRL CRAZY with Judy Garland. Continued Locket theme, Girl Obsession, but added Dancing Cowgirls, which sadly was not a constant theme. Made everyone love life it seemed. 4. Powell & Pressburger's RED SHOES! It is playing at Chicago's MUSIC BOX THEATRE this weekend and in select theaters soon. Print is beyond stunning. Audience held in rapt attention, too many of them had never seen it. Continued Locket and Woman Obsession themes. 5. 1st screening of Martin Scorsese's very nearly completed SHUTTER ISLAND, which I wrote a terrible review for - due to being rushed in my craziest week to get it up. I personally didn't want to write one till after a second viewing. Brilliant movie - and thinks anyone that spoils anything of this film should be locked in a cell with Jackie Earle Haley. This film blew a lot of folks away! LOUD applause afterwards and great lobby buzz. Continued Child Death (multiple varieties) and Locket theme and Woman obsession. 6. LE MAGNIFIQUE with the brilliance of Jean Paul Belmondo and 1971 era DEEP girl - brain barely functioning, and trying to get to bed. Created many of the quotes of the fest. Been wanting to find a 35mm subtitled print since seeing clips in Z CHANNEL doc. Had Locket and Woman obsession theme 7. Jeunet's MIC MACS - was simply magical for me. Pinon as a Cannonballer, the contortionist girl - swoon, etc. Locket was seen and this time - obsession is the key, not having to do with a woman. Again - strongly received. 8. Adam Green's FROZEN - second best Audience reaction of BNAT. Easily. The horrors of being abandoned on a Ski Lift closed for a week as a blizzard blows in and many bad decisions are made... thoroughly produced some of the best ever vocal audience reactions. The Locket appears again. Woman obsession contained to a phone number. However, one lovely lady was so overwhelmed by the shock and graphic pain of this wondrous Survival film - that she fainted and was taken to the lobby to recover. She is fine. But take it as a warning, you could pass out and find yourself coming to elsewhere - but with both Kidneys in place. 9. Shaw Brothers' CENTIPEDE HORROR - fairly horrifying. I have a centipede fear, that I didn't know about till seeing this very slow, but suddenly amazing little film. Very freaky! Child death returns, with gifted neckware again being a main instigator of events. Probably least fave film of BNAT, but it did what it was supposed to. Freakish imagery and an excuse for naps for those with weak constitutions. 10. CANDY SNATCHERS - Wonderful Exploitation film about putting a live teenage girl in a dug out underground, middle of nowhere location. Deals with Child endangerment, woman obsession - but brings in the ever so important slightly mentally handicap 5-6 year old killer of bad people theme! Just in time for: 11. Matthew Vaughn's KICK ASS - Rough cut, that has received its R-rating somehow, BLEW THE AUDIENCE THE FUCK AWAY! To me, I haven't seen a film this badass since John Woo's HARD BOILED. This is far more entertaining than that though, creating many ICONIC and thoroughly mind blowing sequences. Possible contender for best advance screening in history of BNAT. Got audience, clapping in time to the beat as Hit Girl makes The Bride look like a pussy. With Matthew and Red Mist on hand! 12. James Cameron's AVATAR - completely different kind of mind blowing experience. AVATAR is stunning. This was originally suppose to be secret till Thursday, but many emails have come to me and others taking away all Embargoes on talking about AVATAR - so I'll just say it. Having seen it twice - I love the film. Most folks seemed to really love the film, but were struggling with phrases to describe how it blew them away. Except Devin of course. We also had a crazy awesome Bulgarian Dancer and singer and the 3 most handsome members of BROKEN LIZARD lit wicks inserted in the ends of their penisi' and sang happy birthday at an accelerated rate once lit. Yes, I had to blow the fire out before it melted... you know. I think that happened. I do. AICN lost to BROKEN LIZARD, due to the slow drinking ineptitude of CAPONE & MR BEAKS. People hung out chatting for 2 hours after BNAT ended excitedly thrilled by the line up and debating what was best. KICK ASS literally seems to be nearly everyone's favorite movie of the last lifetime or so. Deservedly so. Expect full write up shortly. IRON MAN II trailer was awesome. The Iron Man Bikin Girls... need to appear at the AICN Austin Special Screening of this movie - and we'll work out a Busby Berkeley dance number to complement the Flying Jet Pack IronMan thing! The last bit of footage though - Geek Ecstacy! The Harry Knowles Roast video including the following wonderful assholes: JJ Abrams, Orci & Kurtzman, Jon Favreau, Danny McBride, some guy named Dan or Dale something that apparently has something to do with TV, but frankly he lost me. And then the gentleman, Michael Bay. Much hilarity was had! And then there was the awesome WW1 German Zombie Soldier Bust from SUCKERPUNCH that Zack Snyder sent as a Birthday Present - which is all kinds of awesome, but kinda freaked me out in a good way. Will soon sit next to original Rorschach mask! Due out March 2011!

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