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L.A. Folk!! Learn Where You Can Find A Morsel Of TRON LEGACY Goodness On Monday...

Merrick here...
...with a newslet from my friend RON Legacy. At the West L.A. cross street of Santa Monica & Glendon in Westwood, on Monday December 14, the first in a protracted sequence of TRON LEGACY images will be unveiled. I'm told the pics will "change" every month until the movie's release. By "change" I don't know if this means the location of each pic will vary, or if the imagery at the Santa Monica/Glendon location will be swapped out regularly. Also, if you're planning to hit any Disney theme parks in the near future, you'll start to notice TRON LEGACY's presence there in some fun ways. If anyone's in the area of Santa Monica & Glendon on Monday, grab a shot & send it on in. I'm sure the rest of us would love to get a look...
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