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UPDATE! Did Sigourney Weaver Let Slip A Whopping GHOSTBUSTERS 3 Spoiler??

Merrick again... The intervidew mentioned below is HERE. Thanks, Jester!

Merrick again, again... Here's an embed:

Merrick here...
Tall Guy sent in this tidbit about the currently-in-development GHOSTBUSTERS film. His message speaks for itself, but beware a potential SPOILER here:
longtime reader here in the UK. Just watched an interview on Channel 4 news (best news channel in the UK) and they interviewed Sigourney Weaver about Avatar, roles for women and Ghostbusters 3. She said she doesn't have a big part in it but thinks Bill Murray has a bigger part. Then, she put her hand to her mouth and mock-whispered, "He might be playing a ghost." I've never heard about this before and it struck me as quite a big reveal. The full interview is in Channel 4's site. If you use this call me Tall Guy.
I couldn't get Channel 4's site to behave properly; if anyone can access that interview, please drop a link in the Talkbacks below. Does this mean Peter Venkman's dead? Or is he playing an unrelated ghost? Or, are we looking at combinations thereof? Or, as Talkbacker Garbage Man points out, maybe she's simply referring to how old Bill Murray is?
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