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David Lynch Talks About Talking With George Lucas About Helming REVENGE OF THE JEDI!!

I am – Hercules!! If I knew David Lynch had talked to George Lucas about Lynch directing “Revenge of the Jedi,” I somehow blotted that fact out of my noggin. But Lynch talked about the meet-up a few weeks ago at a seminar inside New York’s Russian Tea Room. A recap on the timing of the Lynch-Lucas confab: “The Elephant Man,” Lynch’s follow-up to “Eraserhead,” was released Oct. 10, 1980, about four and a half months after “The Empire Strikes Back.” “Return of the Jedi,” ultimately directed by Richard Marquand, was released in 1983. Lynch’s follow-up to “The Elephant Man” ultimately turned out to be 1984’s “Dune”! What would Anakin Skywalker look like under that helmet, I wonder, had Lynch taken the reins of the biggest movie franchise in history? Fun Herc Fact. I love Lynch's "Dune" and have watched it more times than "Return of the Jedi." Thanks to “FatWomanizer,” who apparently alerted JoBlo to this video.
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