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Brad Pitt & THE TWILIGHT SAGA Company To Bring Us Action Dracula!!

Merrick here...

Tech issue updating site today necessitate super-brief updates. Apologies.

Summit and Producer Brad Pitt are looking to put an action spin on DRACULA.
The company has picked up "Vlad," a script by actor Charlie Hunnam, and is in negotiations with music video and photographer Anthony Mandler to direct the project. Pitt is producing, not acting, with Dede Gardner via the duo's Plan B Entertainment production shingle. "Vlad" centers on Dracula as a young prince; he is known to history as Vlad the Impaler, the man behind the Dracula myth. [EDIT] With "Vlad," Summit hopes to make a visually edgy and radical period movie that also will break a new talent.
...says THR HERE. I saw a massive documentary on Vlad the Impalker a while back; some seriously twisted and fucked up stuff abounds. If this project is done right, prepare for significant depravity. If I recall correctly, one point...invited the weak and poor in his region to a massive banquet. When they arrived, he locked 'em into a room and set the place on fire - effectively ridding his region of poor and invalid. Savage and direct social reform. That's just the tip of the iceberg. More HERE.
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