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Paramount's Ramping Up Its MAX STEEL Movie, And A TWILIGHT SAGA Lad May Take The Lead!!

Merrick here...
Paramount is developing a MAX STEEL movie; it's currently being written by Chad Damiani and J.P. Lavin. While nothing is set in stone, sounds like The Powers That Be are already eyeing an actor for the leading role. THE TWILIGHT SAGA's Taylor Lautner.
Lautner would play Josh McGrath, a 19-year-old extreme-sports athlete who is accidentally exposed to the unleashed power of nanotechological machines, which become part of him and (in the old show, at least) give him increased strength, near-invulnerability and the ability to change his appearance. It's worth noting that Paramount and other studios are eager to cast Lautner because he can bring young women into theaters -- always a positive for any action picture.
...says THIS L.A. Times write-up. A MAX STEEL TV series ran for 35 episodes eight or nine years ago (there may've been a few TV movies as well), but the brand has remained active via the toy shelf presence of THESE ACTION FIGURES. The official MAX STEEL website (from Mattel) is HERE, while the entirety of the series seems to have been released to YouTub and can be viewed HERE. Geeks may remember Lautner as the titular Sharkboy in Robert Rodriguez's bewildering THE ADVENTURES OF SHARKBOY AND LAVA GIRL. Taylor Lautner: MAX STEEL has a decidedly pornish ring to it, no?
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