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I am – Hercules!! While promoting “The Lovely Bones,” Mark Wahlberg is apparently floating the idea of giving “Entourage” the “Sex and the City” treatment with a big-screen version that would follow the conclusion of the HBO series. There’s not yet any scheduled end-date for the series, which the former Funky Bunch frontman produces, but I’ve kinda been wondering if the show hasn’t been running out of good ideas for a couple seasons now. (I’m still watching, though!) Would a big-screen continuation of the adventures of Ari, Lloyd, Drama and Turtle play on the big screen? A similar big-screen post-series plan has long been brewing at Fox’s “24,” but there’s not yet an end-date scheduled for that series either. While the “Sex and the City” movie was a mammoth hit, the recent post-series “X-Files: I Want To Believe” was not as successful at the cinemas. A recent movie based on the Leonard Nimoy TV series “Star Trek,” however, did very well indeed. Find all of the The Hollywood Reporter’s story on the matter here.
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