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That New RIDDICK Movie We've Been Hearing About??

Merrick here...
We've previously indicated that a new RIDDICK movie (or two?) may be in the works. While no formal announcement has been made about further film(s?), Vin Diesel has already indicated that franchise writer/director David Twohy has scripted at least one new RIDDICK sequel (although hints suggest there are actually two follow-ups being mulled). Vin recently updated his Facebook page, where he says pre-production work on the next RIDDICK has now progressed to actually looking for places to shoot.
The Riddick team is in New Zealand location scouting already... that's exciting.
...says Vin HERE. The momentum on this thing (these things?) seems very strong - Universal will likely be even hornier for a franchise now that BOURNE is floundering about. Wondering when we'll hear something official?
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