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Tom Hardy Talks Max & FURY ROAD!!

Merrick here...
MTV spoke with Tom Hardy about whether nor not he'll be Max in the new MAD MAX film FURY ROAD. Word on the street says Hardy will take over Mel Gibson's iconic role. But, according to Hardy, this has yet to be set in stone. Tom admitted that Max is "strongly coming" in his direction, and that he is "educating" himself regarding the role. But...despite having perused the FURY ROAD script...he hasn't actually read for the part of Max in front of cameras.
He's read the script, but that's about the extent of it. Even his screen test for the role offered no insight. "The audition process had nothing to do with Max and nothing to do with the story or the script. It was unorthodox to the point where actually I could have been auditioning for anything. It was an anonymous read. [Miller and I] haven't actually gotten into the conversation at all about Max." Hardy has faith though. "If there's anybody who can create a Mad Max with me playing the character, it's going to be George — it's his baby."
...says MTV HERE. Although Tom Hardy is a fantastic actor, I'm really having trouble seeing him as Max. But, as Tom alludes in the MTV piece, his take on the character would have to be something quite different than what Gibson brought to the table. At face value, the casting is odd. But, in Miller's mind, who is Max now? How has he changed since we first saw him? If early reports are correct, and if FURY ROAD is set post-THUNDERDOME, Hardy might be perfect for the wearier, wiser, softer? harder?, Max. We'll see...
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