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Summit Pictures To Distend TWILIGHT: BREAKING DAWN!

Beaks here...

Realizing that the public could snap out of its sparkling vampire stupor at any moment, Summit Pictures is reportedly exploring plans to greenlight the fourth (and blessedly final) installment of the TWILIGHT saga, BREAKING DAWN, right quick. What's more, they're considering splitting the narrative into two films (to be scripted by rollin'-in-it screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg) and backing up the cash truck to Chris Weitz's house - because he's now the Alfonso Cuaron of the TWILIGHT series, I guess. Variety's got the story, and none of it's confirmed. Whatever. Let's just consider this an excuse for me to link to Devin Faraci's uproarious breakdown of author Stephenie Meyer's sexually-deviant conclusion to her rock-brained series. As for why Summit would want to go the two-film route with BREAKING DAWN when this would require them to strike new - and quite lucrative - deals with Robert Pattinson, Kristin Stewart and Taylor Lautner... that will no doubt depend on the box office returns for the David Slade-directed TWILIGHT: ECLIPSE, which hits theaters June 20th, 2010. Variety's Lil' Mikey Fleming speculates that Summit could force Weitz back on his knees for BREAKING DAWN before letting him direct his small, socially-conscious drama, THE GARDENER. Man, don't that pimp stick sting?

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