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Iron Man can't quit War Machine! Iron Man 2 poster revealed!

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here. Hooray for Iron Man, promising to save Summer 2010 from the big budget event film doldrums of this past summer. Yahoo Movies has the exclusive first look at the Iron Man 2 Teaser Poster featuring War Machine looking all badass and stuff. Click the image to visit Yahoo's site.

What do you folks think? Can't wait to see the teaser trailer, which is rumored to hit sometime in December... I wonder what big Paramount movie comes out in December that just might have this trailer on it... hrmm.... -Quint Follow Me On Twitter

Harry here... Seriously? From this poster you think WarMachine is the major villain? Really? Because - I thought the trailer that showed Mickey Rourke with badass lightning whips... and a name that corresponds with Crimson Dynamo... was clue enough as to the villain work ahead of all of us? A poster with the two heroes back to back - and at comic con - there is a scene, I think that had them fighting that way. But I may have remembered that wrong.

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