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YouTube Filmmaker Dude Gets Nabbed By Sam Raimi's Company!!

Merrick here...
Fede Alvarez, a filmmaker from Uruguay who made an inexpensive short called ATAQUE de PANICO (i.e. "Panic Attack!"), looks to be going to Hollywood because his film was discovered on YouTube. He'll get there by way of Sam Raimi's Ghost House...
The deal, in the six- against seven-figure range, will see Ghost House hire a writer for the project, which is based on an idea by Alvarez.
...says THR HERE. This kind of story fascinates me because I feel, quite strongly, that filmmaking has been very much "democratized" by all the wonderful technology everyday folks now have at their disposal. I mean: we're in an age where people like you & me have it within our power to generate product that is good enough to get us noticed by, or even jobs in, Hollywood. That's a mammoth shift from when I was growing up - when merely editing a short film required provisional editing bays, ultra-high end DVD players, etc. All in all, what's happening now is pretty awesome. Even My Woman's Mamma - who's like 5, 000 years old - is sitting at her Mac editing together professional quality family videos, probably at this very moment. Love this kind of story! Here's Fede's ATAQUE de PANICO, which was made for several hundred dollars...

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