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Another AMITYVILLE Remake?? Really??

Merrick here...
Despite the fact that this concept was recently adapted/"remade" by Platinum Dunes back in 2005...
...Bloody Disgusting has learned that The Weinsteins are looking to remake THE AMITYVILLE HORROR concept yet again.
I just discovered that the Weinstein Company and Dimension Films are planning on remaking The Amityville Horror...again. [EDIT] Our sources also tell us that there just might be a director already in talks to develop the project.
...says BD HERE. The first AMITYVILLE film was released in 1979...
...spawning two sequels (AMITYVILLE II: THE POSSESSION, AMITYVILLE 3-D). Both the '79 and '05 projects were built around THIS BOOK by Jay Anson. While I agree with Bloody Disgusting that this project will probably not happen, the notion that The Powers That Be would even consider reducing the amount of time between remakes is most distressing. I mean...five years? Technically less if they've already been working on this long enough to have a director attached to it. Pretty lazy and uninventive no matter how you cut it.
- Merrick on Twitter!

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