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What would a next gen Back to the Future video game look like?

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here. You might call this a bit of non-news... and you might be right. But you'd be dead wrong if you don't think the below isn't worth posting. What I've embedded is a mod which originated here and just like the unofficial Ghostbusters Mod that was linked and forwarded across the internet a few years ago I'd be willing to bet that this amazing piece of work kick-starts a real next-gen console Back to the Future game. I mean, the concept is there, the possibilities are incredible and Christopher Lloyd would voice Doc Brown again for $50 and a box of Cheerios, I'm sure. But whether this leads to anything or not, it's way too cool not to mention.

Imagine hitting 88 MPH and instead of just flashing to a different colored runway you flash to an open field and are barreling towards a herd of Triceratops? Or how about a dirt road of the '50s turning into the ground floor of an office building? How great would a sandbox world be with this level of detail and the ability to jump to alternate versions of areas. There could be a racing element, a GTA-like mission element and even an FPS element whenever the DeLorean breaks down. So much possibility. I'd love to see something come of this. Thanks to @whatevermort on Twitter for bringing this to my attention. -Quint Follow Me On Twitter

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