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Scott Nimerfro To Pen New
CW Pilot For Warren Ellis’

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IN FOCUS MAGAZINE: Leaving aside for the moment “Wonder Woman” and “Batman” and “X-Men,” is there a comic-book franchise you’d be especially keen to bring to screen? JOSS WHEDON: The only time I ever read a comic and said, “Jesus, that should be on the screen,” I found out that somebody else was already developing it, and it was “Global Frequency.” It should be a TV show. I adore it.
“Pushing Daisies” writer-producer Scott Nimerfro has been hired to script a new CW pilot for Warren Ellis’ fucking brilliant funnybook series “Global Frequency,” according to a tweet out of Production Weekly. For those who put little faith in Twitter news, the tweet was retweeted by Ellis himself. The graphic novel is a kind of sci-fi “24," dealing with an elite and illegal network of 1,001 intelligence operatives charged with quashing dire and fast-emerging crises as they arrive all over the planet. If Nimerfro’s script gets before cameras, it will be the second stab at a “Global Frequency” pilot. CW predecessor The WB shot one in 2004 starring lanky Michelle Forbes (Ensign Ro on “Star Trek: The Next Generation” and Admiral Whatsherface on “Battlestar Galactica”) as Frequency mastermind Miranda Zero. That version was to be overseen by screenwriter John Rogers (“American Outlaws,” “The Core”), who has since gone on to TNT’s “Leverage.” Its writing staff was expected to include both Ellis and “Tick” creator Ben Edlund (“Firefly,” “Angel,” “Supernatural”). That version did not go forward.
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