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Roland Emmerich to make 2 more ID4 films? ID4-Ever & ID4-The Gipper?

Hey folks, Harry here with news from the master of shit that goes boom... Roland Emmerich and a little announcement he made via MTV here (direct video link HERE) where he said he was preparing 2 additional INDEPENDENCE DAY movies and floated the title: ID4-EVER... Ok - that sounds just retarded enough to create a Talkback where EVERY subject must be a permutation of ID4... I put in the headline my best effort... ID4-THE GIPPER... Let's see what you all come up with. BTW - saw 2012 last night. The effects are a must for the big screen, but the film is ultimately long, by the numbers, tedium with stunning imagery that will blow your geek urge for destruction away, but has endless numbers of pointless side stories that never advance anything, and keep us from building relationships with our MAIN characters, because we very rarely spend real time with them - as every body has fathers, grandparents, kids, grand kids, spouses, mothers... etc... all dying and we have little vignettes on all of them that just don't really go anywhere other than hoping to get a cheap tug on your heartstrings. Easily the best effects work of Roland's career. But as ponderously off point as he's ever been. Expect a full review later tonight.

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