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Suck On This: LITTLE FOCKERS To Reunite Robert De Niro And Harvey Keitel!

Beaks here...

It started like this:
It's come to this:
Harvey Keitel has joined the cast of Universal and Tribeca Prods.' "Meet the Fockers" sequel.
What's the use of wond'rin? Between these two appearances, there was the legendary duel between Travis Bickel and Sport in TAXI DRIVER, some scenes in Ulu Grosbard's FALLING IN LOVE (which I barely remember), good stuff in James Mangold's COP LAND, and, evidently, something in Luc Besson's ARTHUR AND THE MINIMOYS (of which I watched about twenty minutes before running out of things to throw at the TV). LITTLE FOCKERS will be directed by Paul Weitz. Everyone (save for Dustin Hoffman and Barbra Streisand) is set to return. For more on this utterly necessary sequel, here's The Hollywood Reporter's story.

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