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UPDATE!! CLASH OF THE TITANS Trailer Looks Like The Greatest Iron Maiden Video Never Filmed!

Merrick again, again... HD HERE.

Merrick here... There's a larger/clearer version of the trailer up over at Yahoo. Here's an embed. We'll let you know when it rolls around in Glorious QuickTime.

Beaks here...

"His eyes are ablaze! See the madman in his gaze!!!"

Though I think Warner Bros. missed a golden opportunity to remind a generation of kids that Bruce Dickinson is much, much more than a Saturday Night Live punch line, I have to say that this rockin' trailer for Louis Leterrier's CLASH OF THE TITANS remake works for me. It's got swords, sandals, spectacle, bearded Neesons, scorpion percussionists... and it's all scored to an overblown hard rock track that drives home the ludicrousness in a way that recalls YOR more than JASON AND THE ARGONAUTS. Since the legendary Ray Harryhausen didn't design the effects for this, I'm more than happy with Leterrier embracing his inner-Antonio Margheriti. See for yourself:
CLASH OF THE TITANS is set to open on March 26, 2010. Looks like fun. But there's still time to cut a trailer to this, WB. An Eddie cameo would be pretty bitchin', too.

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