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SGT. ROCK Movie In The Works Again!! This Time It's Set In The Future!!

Merrick here...
Joel Silver is looking to produce a SGT. ROCK movie which would be directed by Francis Lawrence (I AM LEGEND, CONSTANTINE). Chad St. John will script the D.C. Comics based film, which is also being produced by Akiva Goldsman. There have been numerous aborted attempts...over many, many bring SGT. ROCK to screen, but this one's a little different than the others by way of setting.
Until now, “Rock” has retained its World War II setting, with Silver and the studio trying to make a big-budget action adventure movie that was a throwback to flicks like “The Dirty Dozen,” which feature acts of American derring-do. But a big budget always was an obstacle and, “Inglourious Basterds” notwithstanding, period war movies have not been in vogue in Hollywood for years, unless it was a more serious contemplation of the subject like “Saving Private Ryan.” Also, American jingoism went out of style after 9/11; even this summer’s G.I. Joe movie dropped the toy’s “A Real American Hero” tagline and made the action team internationally focused. The studio hopes moving the time period to the future solves the dilemma.
...says THR HERE. Check out the Hollywood Reporter link above for a sampling of all the folks who've tried to make this project happen in the past. And, why do I get the feeling this one won't come to life, either? Various SGT. ROCK publications can be found HERE.

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