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UPDATED!! Titan Books & AICN Want To Give You One Of Five Copies Of STAR TREK: THE ART OF THE FILM!!

Merrick again... More images from STAR TREK: THE ART OF THE FILM can be found at TrekMovie (HERE), where you'll see pics & concepts of aliens in the movie. The Delta Vega bazaar/marketplace designs mentioned below (ultimately not utilized) can be found HERE at io9. MTV has some monster concept sketches HERE, while Wired has a look at ship developmental art (including Enterprise & Klingon battle cruisers!) HERE.

Merrick here...
Titan Books and AICN have five (5) copies of Titan's STAR TREK: THE ART OF THE FILM (hardcover).
This is a most excellent, slick, and well-presented publication chronicling the designing of J.J. Abrams' TREK film. In its 157 (ish) pages, you'll find Geek-enticing items like: ** 8 pages of U.S.S. Kelvin designs (exterior and interior concept art, photos, etc.)... ** Many pages of costume & character designs for both humans aliens appearing in the film (with several pages devoted to Romulans alone)... ** A look at Rura Penthe development art (a sequence not seen in the film, although it's on the DVD & Blu_Ray sets)...
** A clear look at the Klingon battlecruisers that were attacking the Kobayashi Maru... ** A chart reflecting the different configurations of vessels which headed out to Vulcan when Starfleet was scrambled... ** Vulcan design progressions (including a good look at Sarek's hoverbike w/ Ben Cross on it...not seen in the theatrical release of the film)... ** Developmental art reflecting exteriors and interiors of Enterprise, including a super-stylized/futuristic bridge concept which featured a position/enclave equivalent to Chekov's cubby hole in STAR TREK: THE MOTION PICTURE (it's in roughly the same place). Looks like it's either holographic, or literally suspended in space. It utilizes some sort of wraparound display showing what's outside the ship, with a HUD/targeting thingie floating on top of it... ** A look at an unused market/bazaar complex which was at one point intended to appear on Delta Vega (somewhere between Mos Eisley and BLADE RUNNER)... ** The development of promotional art for the film...
I don't know why Enterprise is flying out of a Japanese flag, but I really love that poster and I want it on my wall. **And there's much, much, much more. If you have even passing interest in Abrams' TREK - or in film design in general - I can't recommend this book highly enough. I wish we had more images to show you, 'cause what's included in this article is just the tip of a rather amazing iceberg. So, what do you gotta do to get it? It's simple.
** Sometime between the time you read this and 11:59 PM CST USA on Friday November 13, send an e-mail to me VIA THE LINK BELOW. You can enter twice a day for each of the contest's five days ( = 10 entries total). ** I've already pre-selected ONE time of day between today (Monday November 9) and Friday November 13. Five days, one copy awarded per day. The person who e-mails me at (or closest to) this time will receive a copy of the book. NOTE: I've been asked this before, so...for clarity...I'm using whatever time is stamped on the Yahoo mailing address established for this contest as the determiner. I'm in Central Time USA, so I guess that's a CST time stamp (?).
** Include your name and mailing address in this e-mail. The address is to expedite prize shipment only and will be summarily discarded once book recipients are chosen. No spam, no mailing lists, etc. ** CONTEST IS OPEN TO INTERNATIONAL READERS!!! ** Be sure to send from an ACTIVE (and frequently checked) E-MAIL ACCOUNT. If I try to reach you & my message bounces back? I'll trash your win and move on to the next closest/winning contestant I can reach. ** The five recipients will be announced early next week. ** Titan will have your addresses in hand Monday morning & they've been kind enough to handle fulfillment in this contest. Books should be shipped very early next week. Probably, but not necessarily, Monday. ** As a general FYI, you should know that...due to the number and frequency of entries...recipients in past contests were sometimes selected by matters of seconds. Literally.

So there you have it. Now, all you have to do is...


Some contestants have trouble launching these mail links. So, just in case, the actual address =

permits many money more at yahoo dot com (remove spaces, replace the "at" and the "dot" with appropriate symbols)

Here's an embiggenable version of the the spread shown above:
You can find more information about STAR TREK: THE ART OF THE FILM over at Titan's website (HERE), and it's also up for preorder HERE. By the way, Mark Cotta Vaz's "About the Author" photo is pretty cool on this book... Best of luck! And, of course, ENJOY!!!

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