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8 Really Cool CLASH OF THE TITANS posters! Plus where the 9th is!

Hey folks, Harry here with a helluva cool batch of awesome. I got sent these as spy pics - My understanding is that there are nine of them, the ninth got sent to Moriarty (under the pseudonym Drew McWeeny) over at HitFix... he has Hades with Harpies. No, not Mickey's dog. I can tell you from my set visit that this film is going to surprise a bunch of you. I haven't been real pleased with a lot of the photos from the film that have been released thus far... they really do nothing to capture the scope and sense of awesome that the Sizzle Reel does. But these posters do sort of capture the feel I got from what I saw. Here ya go:

Images Removed At The Request Of Warner Bros. This Goes For Those Scalawags At HitFix, Too.

Now these are early works - the final posters could vary wildly, but I just have to say - I really like where they are headed with it. It shows a stylistic departure from the original, a more dramatic intensity - and I feel that's accurate with what Louis Leterrier is driving for here.

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