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Oh No They Khant!! Oh, Yes They Khan!! But, Will They??

Merrick here...
In an interview with MTV, J.J. Abrams talks about what's happening with the STAR TREK movie sequel. The question of whether Khan would be in it came up:
Khan would be...certainly...a challenge. [EDIT] Here's an embed offering the full version of the paraphrased quote above, which originates HERE .
My first reaction to this is wonderful a character as Khan was in "Space Seed" and THE WRATH OF KHAN...we've never really seen his army of genetically engineered supermen actually behave like an army of genetically engineered supermen. What does that look like? How wicked would a whole slew of those assholes action...when led by Khan the warlord? That I wouldn't mind seeing, and could make pretty awesome foils for the new cast. Abrams first TREK hits DVD and Blu-Ray in a few weeks, and can be preordered HERE.

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